YDC 2016

Had the pleasure of shooting at the Young Fashion Designers' Contest (YDC) 2016. The show featured some of the most talented young fashion designers in Hong Kong. Congratulations to all 17 finalists - you all did a great job! Now for some behind the scene photos from the show. Enjoy!


SCAD Fashion Showcase

Recently I had the opportunity to shoot behind-the-scenes at the SCAD Fashion Showcase. The event featured clothing created by graduating fashion design students across all SCAD campuses. It was pretty tiring chasing down the models for these shots, but in the end it was fun and worthwhile!


Grandma in Singapore

     Last week I was back in the motherland to attend a close family friend’s wedding (congratulations Hamon and Jasmine!) and also took some time to visit my only surviving grandparent. Decided to dedicate this post to her.

     My maternal grandmother, Tan Ah He, was born in Singapore in 1928. At age 14, WWII broke out in Singapore and the country was occupied by the Japanese. Living with her parents and relatives in a kampong, meaning village in Malay, she recalls constantly hearing gunshots and missiles being launched over a nearby hill. Seeing her neighbors and friends getting murdered by Japanese soldiers was a common occurrence. She even witnessed a friend getting raped by a group of soldiers after being dragged out of her own home. In order to avoid getting raped herself, she cut her hair short so that people would think that she’s a boy. These are things that a young teenager should never experience, but she’s seen and been through it all. Respect.

     Now at age 86, she’s also survived the death of her husband - a grandfather whom I’ve never met, several colectomies (partial removal of large intestine), a double mastectomy after being diagnosed with breast cancer, and so much more crap that I honestly don’t even know about. Despite all this, she’s still alive and well, sarcastic as ever, and sharp as a tack. Although I never lived with or know too much about her, it’s always a privilege to hear about her crazy childhood stories. Thank you, grandma, for staying alive and sharing parts of your life with me.



Just spent the last three nights in Tokyo on a business trip. I wanted my business associates to take me seriously so it wasn't too appropriate to bring my camera everywhere like I normally do. Luckily I had an afternoon free and walked around Nakameguro for a couple of hours. It's always great to be back in Japan but it's even better now that I've started photographing. It's like being in the city for the first time. I'm noticing people and their interactions with one another, and seeing so many things that I've never paid attention to before. Wish I had more time to roam around the city and take more photos, but I'm happy to have a few decent photos to share with everyone.


Back in Hong Kong

After 12 years in NYC, I finally had enough and moved back to Hong Kong. I'm not sure what the future will bring but one thing for sure is that I'm going to keep making pictures. 

Walked around Sheung Wan and Central one afternoon and snapped a few decent photos. The city is like New York but on acid. Every corner's filled with color, interesting characters, smells, and sounds - a major sensory overload. Never thought I'd say this but it's great to be back. I'm excited to explore more of the city and fall in love with HK all over again.